Terms & Conditions

It’s important that you read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of your selected car provider. These vary from provider to provider and different car hire companies might have varying Terms & Conditions.

Below is a list of most common provisions. Please be aware though, that the list is in no way exhaustive and may and will differ depending on the vehicle rental firm.

  • minimum driver age – usually 25 y/o
  • maximum driver age – often 75-80 y/o
  • surcharge for drivers under 25 y/o
  • additional driver must be reported at or before car pick-up
  • bond and/or security deposit usually will be required (in most cases through your credit card)
  • cancellation fees usually apply
  • damage cover and insurance options vary – please check with your rental provider
  • rates may differ depending on plan
  • unlimited kilometres are available with many car hire companies, but often aren’t standard
  • you agree to return the car in the same condition you picked it up in
  • you’re responsible for the way you use the car – damage cover rules vary, check with your provider

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